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August is specialized in air conditioning systems for various types of transport. Extensive experience in the development of design and the implementation in production allows us to create air conditioning essential in many industries. During the existence of our company has developed a team that includes not only factory workers but also our customers and partners.

 Mastering the new information environment, we set a goal - to provide you with the most complete and current information on air conditioners and the people who make them. We are confident that you will get a proper idea of  our company," August "as a progressive, dynamic company that uses advanced technology in production and business systems.

 website - an invitation to dialogue.  We hope that constant communication will help you to successfully do business, and we - to improve the conditioning that we create for you..



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August attend CIAAR 2018

August will attend CIAAR 2018 in Shanghai.

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IAA 2016.

August attened IAA 2016.


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